Fearsome Vampire Fish Take Over British Rivers and Reminds Everyone Never To Go Swimming Again

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I guarantee that you will never wanna see the fish like following pictures while you are swimming.1

These alien-looking creatures have recently been appearing in rivers and streams across England in alarming numbers. They have many sharp teeth.It can easily bite through your skin and suck your blood.That’s why they called ‘vampire fish’.And you‘ll know how painful it is without saying.

Swimmers are now being warned to remain on high alert for the 3-4ft long fish, which are known to attack humans.Everyone have to watch out and avoid being bitten.


However,someone still want to know where these terrible creatures from and why they are been appearing in rivers and streams across England.Actually,they are said to be the oldest vertebrates which looks remarkably like modern lampreys.They have suffered greatly in the UK from pollution all the time, which has prevented them reaching their spawning grounds.

This dangerous fish is actually rare animal.The British government does not allow a large number of killing.So only swimmers have to be careful.