Learn How To Do This Fancy Hairstyle Yourself With Just Two Simple Braids

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Finding a balance between stylish and simple might be the most complicated feat of all. Everyone is expected to have an effortless beauty, but we all know that even those who exude that kind of beauty have some kind of routine that they go through to make themselves feel good. Think of all the makeup tutorials you’ve seen that show you how to apply a “natural look,” or how to find a style that’s not trying too hard.

My philosophy is that you should follow whatever routine makes you happy! If you want to look effortless, follow that path. If you want to look glamorous, be my guest! If you want to only ever wear jeans and a white T-shirt, with your hair pulled back in a ponytail, I’m sure you’ll pull it off with style and grace.

However, if you want to look glamorous without the time and effort it takes to really get dolled up, learning a few quick hairstyle tips might be the very key you’re looking for.

This hairstyle in particular looks like it took a very long time to perfect. However, it really only took a few short minutes and a bit of knowledge on how to braid. Hint: if you can do a fishtail braid, and if you can do a Dutch braid, you can do this hairstyle. Just grab some clear hair ties and a bobby pin or two and you’re on your way!

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